Built on Snowboarding Technology

ClickerBelt is designed for both guys and girls and is stylish for all occasions It is flexible, strong and waterproof.

ClickerBelt is a new product and we are looking for distributors around the world to sell our product. Please contact us if you are interested.

The ClickerBelt Story

I'm an engineer and I love product design and snowboarding. ClickerBelt combines these passions together into a cool product that I know you will love.

ClickerBelt came about because every time I purchase a new belt I have to punch some additional holes in it so it will fit me properly. One day I was doing up my snowboard bindings and it hit me that the snowboard binding strap and ratchet combination would make a great clothing belt. Three prototypes and 18 months later and here we are today.

The ClickerBelt ratchet system is a vast improvement over the traditional belt buckle. It allows the size of the belt to be adjusted so it fits perfectly every time.

ClickerBelt started life as a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign. You can view the original Kickstarter page here.